Cut & bind -snap in marine carpet-(installed-right on your boat)-(custom made)

While working on it.


JTC Carpets is the right choice for all your boat carpet need's whether you need interior, or exterior, or cockpit boat carpet, we have a variety of carpets to suit your boating needs. Choose from a wide  variety of carpet colors, styles, and grades...*Plus going on now during slow season, for the exteriors snap in outside carpet, will make extra mat or two for no additional charge, or the size that suits you...Going on until the end of February...

***Marine carpet installation choices:***

*Floor carpet interiors,*Exteriors,*Glue down,*Snap in,*Cutouts,*Carpet inlays,*Custom galley piece,*Steps,* also if carpet only, Hull liner & Head liner, depending on what it is.*Binding,*Hatch cutouts,*Custom vinyl flooring only for small areas, like Galley.

"We custom cut it on your boat so it fits perfect."

***We also make mats on the existing marine carpets we have while supplies last. Size 2x3 10.00 each, and for five- 40.00. Also we could make the size you request & price could change.  

We specialize in custom fit boat carpet, and offer -on-site measurement to fit carpet to your boat. You have the option of custom cabin snap ins, binding, or glue down.We are familiar with most boat makes, and models.We offer precut exterior carpeting, (factory marine carpet pebble berber, call for boat models) boat dealer's, and marina's are welcome.  


We take special care, and pride in all our work we do, and of course, all our work is guaranteed, so now is the best time to make an appointment, and check out our new marine grade for exterior, and interior carpets...(We also do rv, and home carpeting as well as boat repairs)

Licensed & Insured...serving the community throughout all of Long Island, NY, and Connecticut....Our office # 631-277-5107 Fax: 631-665-0855 or email us...(Free estimate) 




Great news....

Black is now


snap in &

glue down!

Colors-Dune-Driftwood & Mineral shoal

-(berbers) nuwave backing /snap in

Come check out our new AquaWeave marine grade carpets-variety of different styles & colors....with you're choice of a hydrofelt backing or AquaLoc backing...

All our different marine grade carpets, rubber backing, nuwave and AquaLoc backing, and check out our newest for this year 2017 matting exterior carpets.

snap-in cockpit carpet-/color pebble


New style Aquafusion...Feels great walking

on it-color Titanium-comes in 6ft width

exterior carpet -/color pebble & with steps

Glued down for a dealership

Alternative to carpet-for inside, outside, glue down, or snap in...(customers preference)



(New) nuwave marine snap in carpet-comes in four colors-100% olefin